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The Nautilus Club Fitness Center

An aerobics room is available for your cardio vascular exercises.

•Absolutely no one under the age of 15 is permitted in the fitness center unless accompanied by an adult.
•Proper workout attire and athletic shoes are required when using any part of the fitness center. Swimming suits are not allowed. Flip flop-type or other non-protective footwear is not permitted. Hard sole shoes are not allowed in the aerobic room.
•Machines/benches must be cleaned after use. If you will be sweating excessively, please bring your own towel and when possible cover weight equipment with it prior to use.
•All cardio equipment has a 30 minute time limit when someone is waiting.
•No use of foul language.
•Please do not drop the free-weights or let go of machine arms thus causing the weight stack to drop.
•If listening to music or TV, headphones must be used. The TV volume is turned off.
•Proper decorum must be maintained at all times.
•Please allow someone to work out with you if doing multiple sets.
•If working with a Personal Trainer, the trainer must register in the Club Manager's office and provide a copy of current certification and insurance coverage. Personal Trainers cannot bring in outside clients.
•Food is not permitted in the fitness center.
•All equipment needs to be returned to its proper place.
•Re-rack weights after each use.

•Lockers #1-8 are open to store gear (Tarpon Bay assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.) Lockers are also available to rent as follows $10 per month with a $50 cash security deposit or on a 24 hour daily basis at $5 per day with a $50 cash security deposit. If key is not returned at the end of your rental period the security deposit will be forfeited. The lock will be cut off and your belongings will be removed. The Clubhouse Manager will maintain a list of rentals and locker availability.

Emergency after hours call: 239-776-5745

Important Information

Location: 2050 Castaways Court

Hours: 5:30 am - 8 pm Mon - Thurs. & 9 pm Fri - Sun

Phone: 239-596-2375