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The Bahama Business Center

The Business Center has 2 computers with high speed internet access; a laser printer, fax, and high speed copier.

•The Business Center is open to all residents 15 and older. One person per station.
•Residents younger than 15 must be with a person over the age of 21 at all times.
•There is a one-half hour time limit when people are waiting.
•One person per computer.
•Food is not permitted in the business center.
•No personal documents can be left on the computers. Please save on a disk. Documents left on the computers will be deleted each day during general computer maintenance.
•Please respect the computers. Do not access websites or download a disk if you are unsure of security or virus potential.

Emergency after hours call: 239-776-5745

Important Information

Location: 2050 Castaways Court

Hours: 5:30 am - 8 pm Mon - Thurs. & 9 pm Fri - Sun

Phone: 239-596-2375