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The Tarpon Bay Castaways Club with resort-style pool, deck, and spa

The pool is open from 8:30 am - Sunset

•Warning -- no lifeguard.
•No diving.
•Emergency phone location on the north pool deck patio by door leading to the locker rooms. Emergency medical services phone #911.
•Children 12 and younger must be supervised by an adult.
•Children must be fully potty trained or must be wearing swimmers pull-ups. Absolutely no diapers.
•No pets in pool/spa area or on pool deck.
•Rubber rafts and noodles to be used with discretion. They will not be allowed if pool is crowded or they are impeding the use of the pool. Pool monitor will have final say on this matter.
•Balls and blow-up items with the exception of water wings/floaties are not permitted in the pool.
•No leaning, sitting, standing or hanging on the waterfall wall.
•No chairs on waterfall side (ladder side) of the pool.
•No running, jumping, diving or rough horseplay in pool or on pool deck.
•No sliding or playing on pool ladders or railings.
•Discretion must be used when swimming laps so as not to disturb others using the pool.
•No food or drink in pool or spa area or within 4 feet from the waters edge.
•No glass containers in pool or pool area. Plastic or can containers must be used.
•No swimming while pool is being cleaned.
•Tables and chairs cannot be reserved.
•No Smoking including electronic cigarettes
•All trash must be securely bagged and placed in trash containers.
•Maximum pool load is 52 persons.
•Pool depths are measured in feet.
•No street attire is allowed in the pool/spa. appropriate swim suits are required at all times.
•No one is allowed outside the railing of the waterfall wall.
•MAXIMUM number of guests is eight (8) per household.

Emergency after hours call: 239-776-5745

Important Information

Location: 2050 Castaways Court

Hours: 8:30 am - Dusk 7 days a week

Phone: 239-596-2375